About Cuyamaca College


Since 1978, Cuyamaca College has provided a solid education to students, whether they're beginning their university degree at Cuyamaca, returning to school to launch a career or to acquire new skills or enrolling in an innovative occupational program.


libraryWith its vision of "Learning for the Future," Cuyamaca College offers a wide scope of challenging courses, from drafting technology and child development to paralegal training, from computer and information science or ornamental horticulture to automotive technology. With 91 degree programs and 74 certificates offered at Cuyamaca College, learning opportunities abound under the tutelage of highly-qualified, dynamic instructors imbued with a love of teaching.


We take pride in our comprehensive student support services and the careful guidance students are provided as they navigate the unknown avenues of academia. With a one-stop student services facility right at the college entrance, students are assured convenient, on-the-spot assistance from attentive staff for a variety of services: admissions, financial aid, counseling, university transfer, job placement, and much more.


With the passage of Propositions R and V, facilities bond measures approved by East County voters in 2002 and 2012, Cuyamaca is undergoing major capital improvements. Over the next ten years, students will benefit from much-needed new facilities as well as scheduled renovations, repairs and upgrading.


What an exciting time it is to be a part of the campus community! It is with utmost enthusiasm that I say, "Welcome to Cuyamaca College."




Dr. Jessica Robinson, MSW
President, Cuyamaca College